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Get So angry with the morons, idiots, bad drivers, stupid jerks of today .. try our Anger Test?

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Am I Angry Comments; Anger Quiz

brainstorm (December, 2014): If i don't know about a problem or see the problem it does not bother me
isa hung (September, 2014): funny quiz ... thanks a bunch
hiba (September, 2014): i hate being angry but iman angry being.. stfu
Sasha (July, 2014): I'm tired of people calling me things!
weuh (June, 2014): wuh, Brazil lost by 6 goals
whocares (June, 2014): Im so sick of looking for my stuff
Christine (March, 2014): I'm not mad at some things ... now yay like hard games one time I almost broke my😄
Angela (March, 2014): Morgan simkiss bugs and annoys me
Admin (February, 2014): Please add your comments, now working properly ... thanks
J roads (February, 2008): i am in jail now but when i get out I will get you
nab (February, 2008): this is very,very funny! exaggerated-but funny!!! =)
bored dude (December, 2007): there were funny answers lol!
jamal (December, 2007): this is cool i liked it
amy (November, 2007): i love it!!!
stan (November, 2007): im tiered of everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
valerie (November, 2007): stay calm
me (October, 2007): haha, i'm prety damned angry great quiz, hehe rawr
kurt (October, 2007): im mad i tell u
iDY (September, 2007): that was awesome haha
jack bitz (September, 2007): i hate golfers that are in front of me
Kirstie (July, 2007): this is bloody halerious!
Cassie (May, 2007): HA! this is soo me. i didnt think a test could be so right..
Krisie (March, 2007): I HATE BOYS!
Skye (March, 2007): This was friggin funny and hit the head on the nail. Great Work coming up with this!!!
Rose & leanne (March, 2007): we are very angry. :/
ALICE OPIO (March, 2007): am always irritated with very small thing
MR. ? (November, 2006): this is an awsome quiz, i love it, its the coolest thing ever, I give congratulations to the one that did this.
joe tucker (October, 2006): take the scissors out of her hand, stab her in the neck and demand a new stylist - preferably with a neck
Amethyst Moon (October, 2006): Tis ok to be considered a baby, since I seem to be the only one that still knows what common courtesy and common decency is in this day and age.
daMN (September, 2006): im pissed i thnik i may need sum help of course ive always knew that
AngryBitchHagfromHell (September, 2006): Hmm. That angry guy is cute. Who is he, is he single, and how can I mount him on my wall?
katt315 (September, 2006): Cool test, but I think most people already know their own answer before they even begin!! I know I did! It was still fun though!!
Snoopyheadz (September, 2006): Its Really Kick Ass!
anonumous (August, 2006): off to a bad start! .. how do u take the flippen quiz???????
Olivia (August, 2006): It's not that I'm that nice your answers were just SUCKY!
dave (August, 2006): at the moment I am angry
isy (i got the guy in prison) (August, 2006): lol, i can't believe i've already killed a few million ppl mentaly, this test kicks ass
Tron (August, 2006): The comment I got makes me angry!
Tylah (August, 2006): it was stuiped and dont swear
Ron (August, 2006): I am angry about the changes my silly assed wief is putting me through. Why doesnt she do us all a favor and die?
>.> hello (August, 2006): not to bad... i guess my brother is wrong ^-^ i made gandhi jealous!
Sarah (July, 2006): I'm angry.. but I'm no killer. =]
ashley (July, 2006): this was pretty accurate, and the questions are good there real life realated
Insane IRiSH (July, 2006): I have to agree with this....I think I should stay inside for awhile.Yes,mental health is a serious issue,I have a few mantal ailments myself.But this is America....SO F*&%#$G LAUGH!
Julie (July, 2006): sweetness, but who is gandhi?
Sasha (July, 2006): My boyfriend called me a hoe
Vanessa Ponce (July, 2006): why am i so angry
sam (July, 2006): on the bum one, you should be able to run him over with your car...
deanna (July, 2006): i laughed at the choices,hard
KittyKat (July, 2006): This proves that i get angry but not enough 2 kill someone,
Helen (July, 2006): meh
Serenna (July, 2006): ya, thanks alot for the mean talk!!!! YOU make angry!!!!
logan (July, 2006): i was this test pissed me off even more...ha
Edward (July, 2006): It says i probably killed some 1 by now. WTF?? im 12!!!
voilent guy (July, 2006): i m really angry
Whooters (July, 2006): Yay, I got perfect! "Anger is not in my dictionary!"
a (July, 2006): i think this test was not that good
Maz (July, 2006): All u guys that don't like it are just total losers - but I'll put up w/ it!! Gr8 quiz - loved it!
me (July, 2006): life is pointless, because you don't do anything unless you have actually done it for money of selfless reasons this results in the pointlessness of life, and don't get me started by trying to give me me a point in life because i won't beli
Cosh (July, 2006): It says I have quite a temper but I'm usually not violent. Sure I knew that.
angry person (July, 2006): well... that proves it ,im insane
whowantstoknow (July, 2006): dont piss me off
Super Angro! (July, 2006): From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Anger is an emotional response to a grievance; real or imagined; past, present or future. Rage refers to an extreme degree of anger associated with a loss of calmness or discipline (in
Elaine (July, 2006): Looks like I'm still pretty nice :) Funny quiz!
Angryguy (July, 2006): This proves it! I am mad. Good test!
Stevie (July, 2006): Really funny! My personality requires regular testing.
Really Angry Now! (July, 2006): This thing makes me mad!
para (June, 2006): lol! it seems that i have to look for a specialist :-)
Dork (December, 1969): Quizzes rule!!
Professor (December, 1969): I'm cured of my anger problem!
BBW (December, 1969): I am angry, but now this quiz made me laugh.
Fartman (December, 1969): I was angy, then I took this quiz. Now I am mellow !
Madman (December, 1969): Anger can be part of depression, so while this is pretty funny we should remember that mental health is no joke. (sorry to bum everyone out).
Not Funny (December, 1969): This really isn't that funny. Mental health is hardcore and people can lose it and have a temper tantrum. I would like to see a real anger test, to check personality and make sure that everyone is healthy and doesn't need medication.
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